Apr 26

Tuition Fees


The Romanian long-stay visa for studies

  According to the Government Decree no. 22 of 29.08.2009, approved by Law 1/06.01.2010, the minimum quantum of tuition fees, in currency, for the foreign citizens who study in Romania on their own expenses and who are citizens of countries that are not members of the European Union, or citizens of countries that are not part of the European Economic Space and of the Swiss Confederation, starting with the year of study 2009-2010, is the one mentioned below.

In compliance with the legislation, in University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest the tuition fees for this year of study are:

270 EURO/month ( 9 months for every year) for university study
● 290 EURO/month (12 months for every year) for PhD.

A. Daily classes education

In the next tabel are the fees for all types of studying fields in our country:
Field of study                          Undergraduate, Master, Residency                            Post-graduate, Ph.D
(euro/month)                                                  (euro/month)

Techniques, Agronomy, Science,                   270                                                              290

Mathematics and Sports

Architecture                                                         350                                                              370

Social studies, Psychology, Economy            220                                                               240

Medicine                                                             320                                                               340

Music and arts                                                     420                                                                440

Musical interpretation, Theatre                         750                                                                770

Film                                                                       950                                                                 970

For the first year of study, the taxes must be paid in advance for a period of 9 months and for the further years of study

the payment will be in two tranches, in our bank account:

RO11RNCB0723000506250052 , BCR, Sector 6, Str. Splaiul Independentei, nr. 313.

To the taxes above mentioned there must be added the cost of accommodation and, respectively, the cost of canteen meals, for those who benefit of these services from our university.
B. Reduced frequency education and other forms of educational systems organized in accordance with the law.

University programs of Ph. D.:

1. For the admission colloquy – the equivalent of the monthly fee mentioned at point A. will be paid (290 EURO)

2. For the program of advanced academic studies – the payment of fees will follow the conditions from point A (290 EURO for each activity)

3. For the program of scientific research the only activities that will be paid will be those mentioned in the individual educational plan, with the equivalent of the monthly fee mentioned at point A (290 EURO).

When taking the Baccalaureate exam, the undergraduate or post-graduate exams, the fees in University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest are 270 EURO for licence and master, and 540 EURO for PhD.

In the next tabel are the fees for all types of studying fields in Romania:

Field of study                                                  Baccalaureate             Undergraduate, Master            Post-graduate, Ph.D
(euro)                              (euro)                                     (euro)

High school students,

irrespective of the high                                          220                                     -                                          -

school they graduated


Technics, Agronomy, Science,                                -                                       270                                       540

Mathematics and Sports

Architecture                                                               -                                         350                                           700

Social studies, Psychology,                                      -                                      220                                        440



Medicine                                                                     -                                          320                                            640

Music and arts                                                            -                                          420                                          840

Musical interpretation,                                               -                                        750                                         1500


Film                                                                              -                                         950                                             1900

Any other personal expenses will be covered by the ones involved directly (including accommodation and meals).

The Romanian long-stay visa for studies

The long stay visa for studies may be granted, upon request, to foreign citizens who want to reside the Romanian territory as students or to foreign citizen registered in pupil-exchange programs.

Foreign citizens accepted for studies by a state educational institute or a private educational institute accredited according to law, including for participation in PhD courses, are considered students, for the purpose of the present article.

The visa application, in the case of students, must be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

a) the letter of acceptance from the Ministry of Education and Research, Youth and Sport;
b) proof of payment of the tuition fee ;
c) proof of the means of support in amount of at least the minimum net wage at country level per month, for the entire period specified in the visa;
d) a criminal record certificate or another document of the same legal value;
e) medical insurance for the entire period of the visa validity;
f) approval of the parents or the foster parents in connection with the stay on the Romanian territory for study purposes, if the foreign citizen is a minor;

The foreign citizen who benefit from a scholarship offered by the Romanian State and the foreign citizen of Romanian origin, are exempt from the obligation of submitting documents laid down in paragraph c).

The visa provided for above paragraph will also be granted to foreign citizens accepted for studies on the grounds of international documents to which Romania is party.
Visa applications can only be submitted to the diplomatic missions and consular posts of Romania abroad.