Apr 26


General information

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest makes public its offering regarding education through the university site, periodical publications, presentation of the university in high school, and educational fairs and exhibitions.

The admission criteria are based solely on scholar excellence and the equality of chances principle. Admission to a Bachelor of Science study program is open to graduates of high schools having a baccalaureate diploma and follows a selection procedure decided by the Senate of the university.

Admission requirements for a Master of Science study programs are: a bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution, a competitive examination, and the undergraduate training enabling the applicants to do graduate work in the chosen field.

Candidates may apply on-line for admission to B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs, certificates being subsequently validated by presenting the due documents.

Admission to a Ph.D. program is open to doctoral applicants who are able to show a significant potential for graduate studies and a strong commitment to research in their academic field.

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest welcomes foreign applicants, offering a number of 20 B.Sc. and 25 M.Sc. programs taught in English, French or German.

Admission in each cycle for foreign applicants is controlled by criteria established by the university Senate; details about these specific procedures can be found on the university site.




About  the curricula

The curriculum of each program of study educates students in a particular engineering area by offering them both general knowledge of science and technology and specific competencies in a speciality. The content of the curricula keeps a balance between theory, practice and concrete applications; it also includes human and social education, mastery of foreign languages and development of communication abilities.

The programs and associated curricula are based on the strong experience in academic teaching of our professors and include the latest developments in science and technology. All study programs stimulate the students’ creativity thinking, develop their analytical and practical skills, and prepares them to become engineers with a high level of competence, able to choose from among a variety of careers in industry and research.

The Bachelor of science programs, leading to an Engineering Diploma, comprise a first part of general training aiming to provide a solid scientific and technical background, and a second part during which the students have the possibility to deepen their knowledge in one of the specializations offered by the faculties. Through term projects, laboratory work, and the graduation project, the students are stimulated to develop their innovative capabilities, allowing them to rapidly adapt to a competitive industrial environment.

The Master of Science programs offer highly specialized training through teaching and research. The competences acquired through these programs empowers students with the necessary knowledge to respond the challenges of high level scientific problems, obtain key positions in industrial or public research, or continue their studies with a Doctoral Thesis.

The Ph.D. programs offer the possibility to develop the innovative ideas in the actual field of research. All degrees offered by the university are accredited.