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Monday, 13 July 2015 08:36

FIAT Likes U

We are recruiting the Fiat Ambassador who will manage the FIAT Likes U project available at your University from Oct 1st, 2015.

If you think you have what it takes, and you want to take on a new challenge, what are you waiting for?

Apply by July 31st, 2015:



The assistant will coordinate the car sharing service as set forth in the “Fiat Likes U” Project by FIAT at the University Politehnica of Bucharest on the activation period (Oct 5th – Dec 14th , 2015).The Car Sharing service is free and will be coordinated by the Fiat Ambassador at the internal Fiat Point located at the Faculty of Transports - University Politehnica of Bucharest (a branded area that will be located at the University for the whole activity duration).

The Fiat Ambassador will manage the pick-up and drop-off of vehicles located in the designated parking area.The Fiat Ambassador will be required to work part-time (time organization will be handled by the student consistently with his/her university duties) and the period will start from October 5th until December 14th, 2015 (excluding briefing activities).


Verification and management of booking schedule (online)- Contact with users for possible amendments/additions- Information activities at their information point and per e-mail or by phone- Filing documents and transmission of recorded data- Checking vehicles at the drop-off and completing the relevant form (verification of conditions and fuel level). Prompt communication to appointed contact persons in case of damages or problems- Asking for refuelling, when it has not been carried out, and handling of regular washing- Posting to social networks to report about activities and arouse interest- Supervising the car sharing area and the several info points, through the monitoring of materials and the possible need to replace/repair or for flyers supply- Monitoring the communication activity carried out by the University- Coordinating the activity and report about it


- Registered senior and postgraduate students at the University Politehnica of Bucharest (only full time enrolled students. Proof of enrolment is required).- Organisational skills and accurate report and file management- Skilled in the use of Excel, Internet, web applications and contact and e-mail management- Reliable and able to work without supervision on assignments given;- Outgoing and positive personality with exceptional relational and communication skills;- Good vehicle management and handling (for example, accurately parking in the designated area, having the vehicles washed in case they are dirty, refuelling but, above all, URGING user to refuel)

Priority will be given to:- students who have taken active part in student associations and students who are Social networks active users (posting and comments about the project are required)- students who have outstanding qualities of leadership


The pay for the whole collaboration period, based on the implementation of a project-based contract, is 1,200 € net.Moreover, the Fiat Ambassador will be provided with a PC and a mobile along with a prepaid card for emergency management.This further opportunity aims at rewarding students’ merits and encouraging entrepreneurial skills