Apr 26



 The Romanian long-stay visa for studies

The long stay visa for studies may be granted, upon request, to foreign citizens who want to reside the Romanian territory as students or to foreign citizen registered in pupil-exchange programs.

Foreign citizens accepted for studies by a state educational institute or a private educational institute accredited according to law, including for participation in PhD courses, are considered students, for the purpose of the present article.

The visa application, in the case of students, must be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

a) the letter of acceptance from the Ministry of Education and Research, Youth and Sport;
b) proof of payment of the tuition fee ;
c) proof of the means of support in amount of at least the minimum net wage at country level per month, for the entire period specified in the visa;
d) a criminal record certificate or another document of the same legal value;
e) medical insurance for the entire period of the visa validity;
f) approval of the parents or the foster parents in connection with the stay on the Romanian territory for study purposes, if the foreign citizen is a minor;

The foreign citizen who benefit from a scholarship offered by the Romanian State and the foreign citizen of Romanian origin, are exempt from the obligation of submitting documents laid down in paragraph c).

The visa provided for above paragraph will also be granted to foreign citizens accepted for studies on the grounds of international documents to which Romania is party.
Visa applications can only be submitted to the diplomatic missions and consular posts of Romania abroad.